Static sites with free, automatic SSL for custom domains.

npm install --global staticland
staticland register --server {your-staticland-api-instance}
staticland site/

The staticland commandline tool requires node and npm, so make sure you've got Node.js installed.


  • One command to deploy a site.
  • Automatic SSL using Let's Encrypt.
  • Use a 200.html file for HTML5 pushstate support.
  • Use any static site generator.
  • Open source. Host it yourself to use it how you want.

Learn more about staticland & the craft of building static sites

We'll send occassional emails about changes to the service, improvements to the underlying open source software, and guides to building static sites.


staticland is an open source project for hosting static sites with auto-SSL

Learn about setting up a staticland-api server.

We have a hosted version at If you'd like access to the hosted version you can submit an application for free or paid usage:

Apply to use hosted staticland server


Create an account:

staticland register --server {your-staticland-api-instance}

Learn about setting up a staticland-api server.

Set up DNS:

Ensure that your domain's DNS settings are pointing at (or the IP address of your custom server) before deploying:

host has address

Setting the DNS before deploying is required for Let's Encrypt to successfully provision a certificate.

Deploy a site with auto-SSL:

staticland site/

Using the hosted service & advanced usage

We have limited free access to the staticland hosted service to folks working on open source, non-profit, or education projects.

We can also provide paid access to either the hosted version at, or by setting up a private server for your organization.

Want to use the hosted service? Apply:

Need more features, a private, managed server, or advanced integration with existing systems? You have two options:

  • Hire us to set up an internal static site deployment system that fits your use case.
  • Use the open source code to host a staticland server yourself.


Send an email to